Take a stroll through the history of YCFK and youth organisation efforts in the town of Velenje. Since 1998, the organizers of YCFK have been supporting musical tolerance, eradication of taboos, and all things unconventional. Read about the castle maiden fiercely dancing, gently singing, eccentrically exposing herself, skillfully rapping, widening her horizons, loudly screaming, writing a sad poem from time to time and shapeshifting into a thousand different forms.


Kunigunda fights for young cultures and has marched head on with culture for the 21th time! The extensive musical selection included international stars, among the performers were Jeru the Damaja (ZDA), Bolesna Brača, veterans of Slovenian alternative music Demolition Group, excellent local and other artists, music once again echoed in the Huda luknja cave, artist Tilyen Mucik exhibited on the Velenje castle and Nejc Smodiš did the same in the eMCe plac gallery, SNG Drama thrilled with the play Svetlana Makarovič; Bloody Smokers, the exceptional Art Bakery once more opened its doors to Kunigunda with exhibits by Society Kolektiv gibanje and Tomi Vezjak. We released the book The Unfettered Heart, a retrospective of the 20th anniversary of the festival, we lit the Light Guerrilla and we destroyed stereotypes in the Living library.

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On the twentieth anniversary of the Kunigunda festival, the tempo of Velenje’s pulse was dictated by Repetitor, Stoka, Kaoz and The Stroj. Pekarna, the old bakery, morphed into a multipurpose exhibition and performance space, sheltering the beat of Kunigunda’s hear throughout the nine days. The first ever Kunikon was held this year – at the three day convention, we thoroughly researched geek culture and everything that comes with it. That, however, was not all Kunigunda researched this year: the festival’s home town was uncovered as well, with new exciting venues including the FBunker Gallery and the Coal Mining Museum.


We put our hearts together with Dječaci, Matter, Sassja and Torul. Kunigunda’s notes echoed through Šalek Valley, whether it was the neck-breaking moshing to the tones of Within Destruction or the incredible acoustics of the concert in Huda luknja cave. We distanced ourselves from everyday filth and founded Autonomous Republic of Kunigunda, moved the boundaries of common events at the Conference on the (Un)Usual and observed the theory of our town through Francisco Tomsich’s eyes.

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As you do with an 18-year-old, we took Kunigunda for her first car ride. The culture was pumped through our veins by Elemental, Let 3 and Kiša Metaka. We got involved in an Arrangement of flexibility and pain, took a walk with (vprašaj Nino) and gave tribute to Brhki Robatec in Pekarna (the old bakery).


Nervecell, Ana Pupedan, Edo Maajka and HouseMouse felt Kunigunda’s pulsating heart in this particularly cosmopolitan edition of the festival. We discussed the benefits of self-medicating and farming with marijuana, admired La Loba in the Bakery and crowned the new beatboxing champion.

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“The Wedding” performance was a celebration of love. We put best Slovenian beatboxers face to face for the national beatboxing title at the Outdoor cinema by the Škale lake. We were divergent with groups and bands like Velebor, Jimmy Barka Experience, Moveknowledgement, Fake Orchestra, Draganom Živadinov, Cladocero, and others.


We proved we had balls. And so did Kultur Shock, Inmate, Senser and General Woo, who came to rock the coal under the Šalek Valley. There was a pleasant smell coming from the old part of Velenje, specifically Pekarna (The Bakery), but not of bread – instead, it smelled of culture the team had been spreading through the town centres. Yes, plural – the centre of Velenje with projects like the fashion show 7naK, and the centre of the new Water City.

–        2011 –

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The old klasirnica got a new image and the art that covers it was pronounced the biggest graffiti in Slovenia. By size, only the decibel indicators of Noctiferia, Kiril Džajkovski, Anja Bukovec, Terrafolk and Stekli psi could compare. Borut Veselko amazed us with the Lie, but lie fairly project and so did the musical workshop The Machinery.


Even before the festival, Velenje gave its first tribute to musical legends with Radio Kunigunda coming to life. Only laughter at the mono comedy Čefurji raus, Katalena, Interceptor, Lollobrigida, S. A. R. S. and the rest of artistic creme de la creme at the 12th YCFK were louder.

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