Partner organizations and associations

Every year, YCFK fills Velenje and its surrounding area for 9 days with culture, music, art, sports… we could go on. In order for visitors and bypassers to experience the alternative experience Kunigunda offers, it’s managing part does a lot of planning, adapting, financing, permit-filing and plain begging. But even those efforts would not be enough to make a festival of this size and proportions happen without the help of our partner organisations, which support and help us on every step of the way. The real value of an organization with this many tentacles shows in a palette of different workshops, events and other activities that make Kunigunda Kunigunda.

eMCe plac
Mladinski center Velenje
MO Velenje
Šaleški študentski klub
Rdeča dvorana Velenje
Društvo COGO
Mladinski svet Velenje
Mladi za Velenje
Muzej Velenje
Festival Velenje
Burger Kapija
Društvo urbanih športov Duša Velenje
Naš Čas
Urad RS za mladino
Roof Urban
ŠODR teater
Radio Velenje
Mešalnica 24
KUD Mongolija
Glasbena šola Frana Koruna Koželjskega
F bunker